RedHouse Services

Depending on the needs of our clients, our assistance typically falls into the following general categories.  Our goal is to assist you in creating a plan designed to accelerate the growth of your company.  We then work with you as needed to make sure we your growth plans are met. 

Executive Coaching
RedHouse meets as needed (daily, weekly, monthly) to observe and advise the Company’s senior management staff to help them execute the plan, prepare to interface with prospective investors and large customers, and assist in hiring and managing a growing workforce.

Financial Planning and Forecasting
RedHouse provides the Company with assistance in developing their financial model, initial accounting procedures and cash flow projections.   We believe in a funding strategy based on planned inflection points to maximize the company’s value while limiting ownership dilution to the founders. 

Product Development Strategies
RedHouse assists in developing product roadmaps based on market potential and efficient use of the Company’s resources.

Sales and Market Penetration Strategies
RedHouse advises the Company regarding the development of the sales organization and related sales quota commissions.  We also help design, review and provide feedback regarding the Company’s marketing plan.

Human Resource Practices
We can assist with the development of Human Resource policies and procedures, including compensation plans, employee handbooks, plus training and stock option plans.

Capital Financing Advisory Services
RedHouse assists the Company in its capital financing efforts by helping assess market conditions, investment timing and types of deal structures to consider (notes/equity).  We help introduce the company to our network of investors and Venture Capitalists.  We assist in the preparation of informational materials for prospective investors and offer advise on the pros and cons of various deal terms being offered.

Senior Employee Recruiting
With a deep network of executives in sales, marketing, finance and development, RedHouse will assist the Company with the identification and recruiting of key senior employees.  

Company Culture
A passionate, team oriented, culture is very important in attracting and keeping great talent.  We can help you built an environment that fosters these traits.