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RedHouse Associates provides strategic guidance to technology startups to help accelerate growth.  We build business strategies, develop product roadmaps, coach management teams, and advise clients on raising capital, acquisitions and strategic exits.  

RedHouse was founded by a team of proven advisors dedicated to helping entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of early-stage information technology startups.  We have a passion for working with innovative founders that are building groundbreaking new companies.  During the last decade, our advisors have led and invested in more than 30 startup companies.  We have been in your shoes and have confronted many of the situations that face young, growing companies. 

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                               STATION HOUSTON

RedHouse is proud to support the Houston Startup Community and are very involved with Station Houston. 

Station brings together entrepreneurs, startup companies, funding and service providers, enterprise clients and innovation advocates to foster community, create high-tech density, and grow an ecosystem where people with great ideas can build and launch companies that change the world.

The RedHouse team participates with the Station as Advisors, Mentors,

and investors.  We are excited about working with the companies that join

Station and the energy the startup companies bring to the RedHouse.

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