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RedHouse Entrepreneur Application Process

Thank you for your interest in RedHouse Associates.  We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your company and plans for the future.  Our application process is simple and informal.

  1. 1. Introduction.  Founders are encouraged to contact us directly, either through our website, or by emailing a member of our team of advisors.  We will schedule a brief telephone call and then agree on a time to meet in person if both sides are interested in continuing discussions.

  1. 2. Submit Information.  To help us learn about your business and prepare for our first meeting, we ask that you send us a simple executive summary that includes a history of your business, its current status, the market dynamics, competition, growth strategy, and near-term funding needs.  Don’t worry if you don’t have everything figured out.  We are here to assist and provide additional coaching as needed. 

    Please send your information to:

  2. 3.Formal Company Presentation.  Once you are invited to meet with our advisor team, you will have an opportunity to deliver a overview about your company.  This can be at our location or yours.  The goal of this presentation is to see if there is mutual interest in moving forward.

  3. 4.RedHouse Assistance. If both sides are interested in working together, we will determine a plan and schedule to continue  discussions.

  4. 5.Next Steps.  The needs of every company are different.  We will jointly determine the steps required to assist in enhancing your plan, identifying sources of funding, and preparing your company for exciting growth.

Due Diligence and Follow up

We reserve the right to request additional information during our review process, which may include data on finances, IP, partnerships, and management background.  Due to nature of our business, we cannot execute non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.  In our opinion, while ideas are important, it is the successful execution of those ideas that will build your company to it’s full potential.

We will contact you after a decision is made on what type of assistance we can offer.